Affordable Websites

The Details


Need your website to be built quickly?

If you're ready, so are we!

If you're ready to go with your website content, we can have you up and running in as little as a three days. If you want more time, no problem–we can start slowly and create the website over a few weeks or months.


Want customised website design to stand out from the crowd?

We'll customise your website so that it's unique to your business and so that it works effectively for your business. We'll use your ideas–if you already have them–or we'll develop something for you. We want you to love your website!


What's Squarespace?

Our favourite website platform–beautiful, functional and easy!

Squarespace is the platform we use to build and host your website. It's an all-in-one solution, providing you with a domain, eCommerce, hosting, galleries, analytics and support. What's more, it's easy to use–once you know the basics. 


Need some help with your website content?

We've got you covered.

Website content includes text, images and details about products or services on your website. While we do need your input and direction for content, we can help you communicate your message succinctly, by rewording and editing your text–if you want us to. If you don't have images, we can select and install beautiful, high-quality stock images, as and when appropriate. 


Want to update your website easily without ongoing costs?

We can put the power in your hands, making it simple and affordable.

A common problem for small business' is an outdated website, due to an inability to make regular and ongoing updates–easily.

Businesses need to continually adapt to be both pro-active and responsive, to survive. Even small businesses make regular changes to offers and product or services and occasional changes to policies and contact details. If your website doesn't reflect these changes, it can be frustrating for potential customers/clients, and you risk sub-optimal business performance.  

We believe the power to make changes to your website easily, should be in your hands. It shouldn't be a hassle, and you shouldn't need to pay someone to do it.

It should be–and it is–as easy as logging in, editing your page or product and hitting save–without the need for code and without needing to be tech savvy! 


Looking for an easy to use website platform?

Look no further–Squarespace makes it simple!

We'll make life easy for you by building you a website that you love. But we'll also give you control. Once your website build is complete, we'll show you how to use it so that you can make ongoing changes, easily, as and when they occur in your business. We'll also show you how to understand the analytics of the website–how people use it. This gives you the insight to know what people want and make improvements. 

If in the future you want to make big changes to your website, we're here for you. 


How much will my website cost?

Affordable website prices for a low budget.

For a small website, with only a couple of pages, our costs can start from as little as $500/£300. As a live example, this website (Design Cite) has 8 pages. Something of this size would cost as little as $1900/£1000. We can get you online, quickly.

For larger websites, ask us to beat your quote! 


Business branding alignment and development

We build your website to be aligned with your current business branding, working your colours and fonts into the design. Or we can assist you to develop or change your branding.


Need a Squarespace Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) boost?

With a Squarespace website, it's easy! The technical side is already covered with various built-in strategies to help your site appear in search engine results. While most of this happens automatically (if you've filled in the right boxes), there are some additional things we can do to give you 'the edge' and tempt customers to click on your website–instead of your rivals. We can do these for you at an additional cost or give you the resources to do it yourself. This step makes a huge difference in you being found.