Can I make my own website?

Yes, absolutely! We only recommend Squarespace as a platform to self-build your website. Squarespace is a stable, all in one solution, providing hosting, design elements, integrations and more–to help you build your website and business. If you have the time to learn how to use the platform to build your website, then why not have a go? We're here for you, as and when you need help!

While Squarespace is a fantastic platform for your website, like anything new, it can get a little frustrating to learn, and use, if you're building your first website from scratch. We can help, fast-tracking your website build, by starting it off for you and transitioning it over to you, as we train you how to use it. We include two hours of free training in our design and build fee, teaching you the basics of updating and managing your site. Why? Because we want you to be empowered to keep up with the ongoing changes in your business. 

Are some website platforms really free? 

Some build your own website platforms do offer free websites. However, there are often hidden costs as most businesses (or projects) require more than a 'free' website. A 'free' website is limited in a number of ways (depending on the platform) and won't be able to develop further or effectively, without the need to upgrade to a paid website or pay for integrations to be added.

These 'free' websites, often come with additional drawbacks, including:

  • Low storage (you can't have much content on your website).

  • Slow loading (users are put off and frustrated, quickly moving away from your website, defeating its purpose).

  • Ads (third-party ads, which you have no control over, are placed on your site. These often look tacky and are off-putting to users).

  • No personalised domain name.

Many people do start off with these 'free' websites, however before they know it, the costs add up as they attempt to improve their website to make it function effectively. By then, the time and money invested in building their website are too much to easily justify starting again on a new platform, so they are left with a website that is sub-optimal or expensive. What's more, it looks like everybody else's website and doesn't stand out from the crowd.

While this could be a good option for some people, we suggest comparing the free versus paid options, in detail, first.

How much will it cost to build a website?

We want to help you to build an affordable website and we know that many people start their new business (or project) with a very limited budget. We believe you deserve a beautiful, fully functioning website, even if you have a low budget. You don't need to succumb to a sub-optimal website that doesn't look great! 

While we can only give you a quote once we know what you want, we can give you an idea of starting costs:

For a small website, with only a couple of pages, our costs can start from as little as $500/£300. As a live example, this website (Design Cite) is relatively small, with only 6 pages (Home, Details, Contact, FAQs, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy). Something of this size would cost as little as $1200/£700. We can get you online, quickly.

Show us your quote from a genuine website design/build business and ask us to beat it! 

Are there hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. You pay:

  • Design Cite's design and build fee–as quoted. This can include optional extras, if you want them–these are quoted upfront.

  • Squarespace's fee–annual or monthly (annual is more cost effective). This is an ongoing cost for the lifetime of your website. Paid directly to Squarespace, not to Design Cite.

Do I need an additional website host?

No, Squarespace is an all in one solution which includes hosting in it's annual or monthly fee.

What are Squarespace's annual/monthly fees?

They vary, depending on your needs. For example, if you want an online store, you'll need a plan that accommodates that. Once we know your needs, we can make a recommendation of the plan you will need and we'll give you an idea of whether you'll need to upgrade in the future, as your business grows. Squarespace makes it easy to upgrade and downgrade and will always refund any fees you've already paid–if you chose to downgrade.

Here's a link to their current fees and plans.

If you intend for us to build your website, don't go ahead with a Squarespace plan as yet–let us start it instead. Why? Because, as a Squarespace Circle member, we can pass on perks to you, such as a longer free trial/set up period and a 20% discount on your first annual payment to Squarespace. * These perks may change, as and when Squarespace updates their policies and fees.

Where in the world are we?

We're in Perth, Australia and North West England.

Got more questions? 

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